Est.1959  Nagasaki style cuisine and local fish menu

In the chaos of post-war Japan, the first Higuchi restaurant was founded in Nagasaki in 1955. Since then, Nagasaki locals have come to love the traditional taste of our delicious food. We have maintained a reasonable price for more than 50 years. Please enjoy our Nagasaki cuisine and fresh local fish, prepared by professional chefs to your heart’s content.


1,380 (1,490 tax included)

Meat balls in savory broth / Hydrangea-shaped croquette / Sashimi / Peanut tofu / Whale meat stew / Two kinds of delicacies / Nagasaki tempura / Boiled seasonal vegetables / Steamed egg custard / Desert / Clear soup broth / Japanese pickles / Rice

The authentic Nagasaki dishes can be enjoyed together. Each one is made of the freshest ingredients with pride.

Mixed sashimi platter

1,980 (2,138 tax included)

For 3 or 4 people

Nagasaki is a port town with a great variety of different fish. Fresh fish in season is frequently served at our restaurant.

Four types of whale meat sashimi

1,280 (1,382 tax included)

Tail / Skin / Bacon / Lean meat

Whale meat has been served as a traditional part of the food culture of Nagasaki over
the past several centuries. Locals enjoy these typical whale meat dishes, Braised meat and potato, Sashimi and New Year’s soup with rice-cakes at other seasonal events. Nagasaki Prefecture is the top consumer of whale meat in Japan.

Deluxe menu

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