History of Higuchi

In the chaos of post-war Japan, the first Higuchi restaurant was founded in Nagasaki in 1955.
Since then, Nagasaki locals have come to love the traditional taste of our delicious food.
We have maintained a reasonable price for more than 50 years.
Please enjoy our Nagasaki cuisine and fresh local fish,
prepared by professional chefs to your heart’s content.

Higuchi’s commitment

Commitment to freshness

At 8 o’clock in the morning, Higuchi’s head chef is at the fish market to find the freshest fish, in season for the customers. The mixed sashimi platter is very tasty. Plentiful helpings and a reasonable price always give the customers great satisfaction. Our chef selects the best ingredients wishing for our customer’s happiness every day.

Maintaining our traditional taste Tori-meshi

Tori-meshi is one of Higuchi’s specialties, and our customers have been enjoying it since the restaurant was founded. The savory rice topped with ground-chicken, shredded omelet and seasoned fish, is cooked according to our original recipe. The three-colored rice makes you so delicious you will never forget it.

Maintaining our traditional taste Deep-fried spring chicken

The deep-fried spring chicken with soy souse flavoring is very juicy and crispy. This is one of Higuchi’s most popular dishes; it has been popular since our restaurant first opened. The same recipe is used at a restaurant belonging to our group, Nagasaki Saisakiya, in order to please more of our customers.